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A leader among top recruiting firms in Houston, Perpetual Talent Solutions has built a solid reputation for being a trusted executive search and recruiting partner for clients since 1994. We are national in reach with a boutique style that enables us to deliver a high level of service to our clients.

As a boutique firm, we are able to be flexible and agile when it comes to how we work with and provide solutions for our clients. We know there is not a one size fits all and therefore customize our approach and solutions specific to each client’s need. Whether you are seeking senior-level executives or have volume recruiting needs we can help.

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Our Core Service Offerings Include

Retained Search

A rigorous, planned and structured approach to the process of identifying, attracting and evaluating the best candidates for clients. Subsequently, and especially in a candidate-driven market, prospective job searchers, whether pro-active or passive, know an employer is serious in their quest versus simply testing the competitive landscape for bench strength or in some cases compensation data. Our 25-year record of recruiting Executives gives us a definitive competitive advantage when it comes to matching client needs and candidate skill sets.

Engaged Search

Typically best suited for positions that have unique and urgent time to fill, and/or direct financial impact requirements. Engaged search requires focused, dedicated recruiting resources and intensive search strategy while allowing clients a “down payment” fee arrangement”, guaranteeing a smaller portion of the compensation at the outset of the search. This option is well received by clients who prefer a collaborative yet committed shared goals approach.

Project Recruiting

Ideal for clients in need of scalable resources to help relieve the pressure caused by extended open positions and overworked internal recruiting teams. Additionally, our Project Recruiting solution is designed to support small volume shorter term initiatives where dedicated attention (Industry or skill set specific) is necessary with time to fill requirements. Our contained or “fixed fee” arrangements are appealing to companies who require cost control pricing structures.

Why Choose Perpetual Talent Solutions?

Reason One


As owner-operators with years of corporate leadership experience, we bring a unique understanding and perspective to the business of hiring and retaining top talent. While strategy and vision are essential and critical to success, both hinge on the right talent executing with excellence. Therefore, we believe it is crucial to take the time to understand the culture, values, and nuances specific to each client’s business as we source & assess job fit beyond the words on the resume.

Reason Two


We have developed an executive search & recruiting model that allows us to become subject matter experts engaging in a focused approach whereby we engulf ourselves in the industries we serve.

Our 95% client retention rate proves it is better to be “products of the product” versus trying to be everything to everyone. Moreover, our ingrained approach leads to better quality candidates and much-improved time-to-fill.

Perpetual Talent Solutions

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When it comes to selecting from the top recruiting firms in Houston, you can feel comfortable knowing that, as owner-operators of Perpetual Talent Solutions, we actively work the business, and have a vested interest in every search we undertake.

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