Frequently Asked Questions

Recruiting FAQs

What industries does Perpetual Talent Solutions serve?

We work across many sectors; please visit our “Industries Served” page for a full listing.

Do you fill positions in our geographic area?

We service the US & Canada & work through a Partner Network to fill International roles.

Do you place temporary or contract employees?

Not at this time. Our focus is on filling direct-hire needs for our clients.

Do you work in a particular niche or functional area?

Our experience enables us to fill positions throughout a client’s organization ranging from mid-management to senior executive leadership inclusive of C-Suite positions.

What are your fees?

Typical fees range from 25% to 35% of total compensation and are based on the intricacies of the search.

How do we decide whether Retained, Engaged, or Project Recruiting is right for our organization?

We can help you decide during our initial discussion. However, a good rule of thumb is that Retained is for VP-level and above, Engaged would be for the manager to director level, and Project is for volume needs for a specific position.

Can you help us if we have multiple openings across a variety of departments?

Yes, many of our clients see us as an extension of their internal team and utilize us to fill positions throughout the organization.

What guarantee do you offer?

We offer guarantees on all of our placements, ranging from three months to one year, depending on the level of the position.

Is your contract complex?

No, we designed our contracts in the same spirit of how we work. Our terms are transparent, easy to understand, and have clearly defined expectations.

How long does it take to fill a position?

We are proudly among the leaders in our industry, averaging 34 days to hire, as evaluated by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).

How do you find candidates?

PTS is continually evaluating the steady stream of new sourcing channels. Our goal is to simplify the complex landscape and focus on the most productive.

Who will lead manage my search?

Retained Searches are partner-led with a Client Manager for all other offerings.

What do you mean by Sourcing versus Recruiting?

Check out our video to learn more.
Sourcing is a proactive approach and involves actively targeting passive candidates, rigorous networking, and utilizing multiple resources. This requires an investment of time getting to know candidates and building solid foundations to assess skill and cultural fit. Recruiting, on the other hand, typically involves resume sourcing/screening, is a much less focused approach, and is more about speed to fill rather than building relationships with candidates.

Do you conduct background and reference checks?

The simple answer is yes; however, in most cases, we mirror our client’s requirements.

Advisory FAQs

Do your Advisory Services require Long term commitments?

No, our terms are flexible and can meet most budgets.

How can we protect our Proprietary information?

We regularly sign Non-Disclosure agreements.

How much do you charge for your Advisory Services?

The scope and complexity of the project will determine what the pricing is. That said, a simple, straightforward weekly project can be as little as $5000.

How do your Talent Acquisition and Talent Management services differ?

Talent Acquisition is the function of recruiting and includes finding, acquiring, assessing, and hiring of candidates.

Talent Management is the performance management arm of the HR equation and is designed to aid retention by assisting companies in creating employee maintenance and development plans.

We have an internal HR & Talent Acquisition Team; how would your services benefit us?

There are several ways that clients utilize our services ranging from short-term to long-term projects that involve staff augmentation during peak times, large onboarding requirements, training & development of an existing team, and Interim Leadership roles.

What is the difference between an Advisor and a Consultant?

Consultants work to find the root cause of a problem and then work to solve the issue altogether. Advisors focus on ongoing business challenges and work with the client collaboratively on improvement planning.

What makes you different?

First and foremost, we do what we say we are going to do and have references and results that we are happy to share.

  • We focus on delivering tangible results that lead to sustained success.
  • We focus on getting the job done versus extending our assignment.
  • We are Business people who have worked in Corporate and Field settings for years. We bring real-world, practical experience to the table.

Why hire an Advisor?

There are three primary reasons as we see it:

  • Provide highly specialized knowledge and experience.
  • Provide objective counsel and feedback to stave off the “can’t see the forest for the trees” dilemma.
  • Provide a focused and fresh approach to revamp inconsistent performance.

How do I schedule an Exploratory conversation?

Call +1 (866) 380-9978 ext 2 or email, and we will make every effort to accommodate your schedule. Please note that an exploratory discussion is just that with us. You need not worry about sales pitches, pressure, or obligation.