Staffing Industry Client
10 Month Project

Hired as Executive Consultant to lead 30 year old company
through an organizational transformation.

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The Challenges

  • Stagnant Business Model – doing business the same way for 30 years
  • New account activity – dormant
  • Major Account Sales – non-existent
  • Lack of formal employee processes
  • Limited account management activity
  • No employee training plan or curriculum
  • Culture of blame vs. inspiration
  • Employee morale extremely low
  • All-time high turnover
  • No value proposition
  • No knowledge of expectations

The Approach

Introduced methodology, plan & timeline.
Utilized the following proven and highly effective deep dive process that I refer to as
“Hickey’s Habits” – The “Playbook”

  • Triage – Gap analysis
  • Concepts – identify core competencies
    Focus on what you do well
  • People – assess, IDP, career coaching &
    establish an emerging leaders’ team
    to identify future leaders
  • Execution – operational efficiencies leading to
    sustainability & vast GM Improvement
  • Enhanced brand recognition – Make every client referenceable


Provided Executive Coaching to a newly appointed C-Suite Ownership Group

  • Conducted company valuation exercise
  • Established EBITA plan – goal of 12%
  • Moved from subjective to objective evaluation of internal staff
  • Coached, mentored and developed recent promotees
  • Directed weekly operations call & re-introduced executive team to internal staff

Introduced, and incorporated Strategic Sales Methodology – Understanding the Buying Process

  • Understanding how clients buy today
  • Selling as a profession
  • Becoming a “product of the product” via industry immersion
  • Selling in the Clients best interest

Built Organization's Sales Pipelines - Retail & Large Account by Vertical and Subject Matter

  • Contact chains
  • Tools to enhance Prospecting
  • Limit prospects for focus and effectiveness
  • Capturing prospects from internal intel
  • Dissecting prospects for entry

Facilitated Sales Coaching &
Mentoring of all Internal Staff

  • Individual pipeline build how & why
  • It is about the Math!
  • Conducted weekly coaching & mentoring sessions –
    using the contract as a closing tool
  • Instituted formal pre-call planning and usage
    of agenda before any client interaction

Restructured & upgraded Field Operations and Area Director team

  • Identified & recommended two newest AD Hires: Central and North Texas: both are flourishing under continued mentoring/development
  • Advised executive team to invest in internal staff to develop future leaders
  • Recommended promotion of newly appointed VP of Operations

Implemented Financial Tools

  • Designed & implemented a new organization compensation plan based on achievable metrics – Includes all ranks within the organization and centered on GM productivity goals
  • Introduced a formal budgeting plan to enhance and track future growth
  • Designed new company pricing tool

Introduced Branch Action Planning to stimulate fill rate and accelerate unit growth

  • Established new protocols, introduced and taught the “We wills” and Mass Customized concept for territory efficiency
  • Introduced, taught, tracked & monitored the “5 critical things to be a successful Branch Manager”

Designed and delivered the Presentation that led to securing the client's largest account

  • $15MM (initial annual revenue) onsite sale and growing – multiple location opportunity
  • Wrote Company Website Verbiage for New Rollout
  • Recommended and implemented Lead Generation page to capture website visitors

Contacts review – identified 25% of all Active Clients prime for a first-ever rate increase

  • Established formal QBR format, designed to meet what is important to each client
  • Secured thirty (30) “Reactivated Clients” through client feedback & commitment to excellence action planning

Workers Compensation Review
as a key differentiator

  • Introduced as a Subject Matter Expert approach, leading to the acquisition of multiple new logos & Reactivated clients
  • Established OSHA Risk Assessment training as a key differentiator. Offering to client led to the impending reduction for OSHA penalties and secured twelve (12) new requisitions

Introduced Direct Hire initiative by designing and facilitating training curriculum

  • Let to largest fee obtained in company history = $25,000 & enabled the expansion of influence within the client environment
  • Website review to drive prospect conversation
  • Enhanced candidate skill market plan

Facilitated personally designed "Back to Basics" training for front line Field Leaders

  • Using facts & data to drive business
  • Financial acumen and the P & L
  • Pricing to market conditions
  • Leaving profits “on the table” – the power of unfilled orders
  • Course correcting as a leader – running effective daily meetings


125% increase in revenue

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