As your trusted executive headhunter in Houston, we recognize the high demands of the recruiting process. We understand that the primary goal of recruiting is to fill a critical role with all due speed and efficiency. The process includes investing a considerable amount of time, effort and resources throughout the sourcing period. That said, since 1994, our executive search and recruiting model of sourcing beyond the resume has proven successful and our deep dive interview techniques have helped guide us in recommending the best talent available for each position we fill.

Finding the Right Candidate

As the top recruiting firm in Houston, our mission is clear in that we will represent our clients brand appropriately in the marketplace and we provide the kind of employees they deserve.

Therefore, as experienced executive headhunters, we do not only look at a candidate’s skillset. We also examine the soft skills and competencies that indicate a long term, productive employee in the making. Our vetting process analyzes candidates the following ways:

  1. A Great Cultural Fit

A company’s culture, values, mission, and goals are at the heart of everything they do. When candidates are an excellent cultural fit, they are more likely to remain with the company and become a valuable part of the organization.

At Perpetual Talent Solutions, we completely immerse ourselves in every company and industry we serve, trying our best to understand the broad and specific qualities of your business. We believe that only a deep understanding of who you are as an organization will point us toward selecting the best candidate for your vacancy.

  1. Intellectual Curiosity

A candidate’s intellectual curiosity will shine through even at the early stages of the vetting process. In our experience, candidates who are committed to expanding their knowledge, learning about their industry, and gaining new skills have greater potential to contribute and at a faster pace.

During the interview process, we focus on identifying candidates who display a genuine interest in learning more about your organization, their position, and especially the company’s goals, mission, and values.

  1. An Excellent Communicator

Communication is essentiall to any role. Therefore, we have structured our recruiting process in a way that showcases this critical skill. We observe the way candidates communicate through calls or e-mails, and how they express themselves during the actual interview.

New hires who articulate themselves eloquently, professionally, and politely will be a fantastic addition to any team

  1. A Positive Attitude

This may not seem like an urgent requirement on the surface, but even a single employee’s attitude can lift or impair the spirits of their colleagues. Positivity contributes to a more pleasant and productive environment and helps boost long-term morale in the workplace.

To this end, we have constructed highly-specific questions that will help us gauge this skill, such as asking about candidates’ past mistakes at work and asking for feedback that describes how they moved forward positively and constructively.

Let Us Connect You to the Talent You Deserve

As trusted Houston job recruiters, we at Perpetual Talent Solutions do not just match a candidate’s immediate qualifications to the position, but we also take a closer look at a potential hire to make sure we are providing the best candidates possible to effectively and efficiently streamline the entire recruiting and on-boarding process.

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