The future of work is constantly shifting, but the role of Houston job recruiters remains the same: to keep great candidates and great companies connected throughout the recruiting process.

To continue matching the best people for the job, it is essential to understand the latest trends shaping the future of the workplace. This will have a significant impact on how organizations will hire and retain incoming talent.

We have compiled a list of some of the notable trends in executive and workplace recruitment. This will help you cater to a broader variety of work and leadership styles.

Developing an Augmented Workforce
  • More companies are striving to incorporate synergy between automation and humans. This is also known as augmenting the workforce. This trend will see humans working in conjunction with robotics and Artificial Intelligence systems to streamline processes and increase results.
Offering Financial Wellness
  • One of the top priorities for today’s employees is planning for their retirement years. Having a financial wellness program in place will help organizations attract and retain long-term talent.
Taking Advantage of Independent Contractors
  • The Freelancer’s Union predicts that by 2027, most American workers will be freelancers. The gig economy is allowing companies to outsource functions like customer support, web development, and accounting instead of hiring full-time employees.
Some benefits include:
  • Geography and time zones no longer limit potential talent
  • Companies can save on full-time benefits such as retirement plans and health insurance since freelancers are compensated directly
Enhancing Workplace Engagement
  • With more and more employees coming entering the workplace for the first time, companies are focusing more on providing meaningful employee experiences. This includes pulse feedback tools, fitness options, and employee self-service technologies.
  • According to a Deloitte Insights Study, more than 80% of executives believe that work experience is critical. However, only 20% reported that their companies excelled at it. To remain competitive, companies should harness this opportunity with help from executive headhunters in Houston.
Revolutionizing Performance Reviews
  • In the past, performance reviews were given quarterly or annually in a formal setting. The new norm is timely and frequent recognition.
  • Leaders conduct review priorities, provide course correction, and comment on recent work. They also provide regular check-ins with team members to review, update, and set expectations.
  • Performance reviews now include external feedback in the form of online surveys of employees and consumer feedback tools.
Re-entering the Workforce for Older Employees
  • Instead of retiring for good, more people over sixty years of age are remaining in the workforce or re-entering it. This is excellent news for organizations who value the wealth of experience and knowledge that a more mature employee possesses.
  • This sector brings a lot to the table, such as:
    • History of critical thinking and problem-solving skills earned over decades
    • Providing guidance for our next generation of leaders
Attracting Millennial Talent
  • 35% of all employees in the United States are now made up of this emerging generation of professionals. They are now the dominant age bracket for today’s workforce.
  • Millennials are also redefining the traditional corporate workplace. Instead of a hierarchical, structured framework, for instance, they desire a more collaborative approach that embraces creativity, relationships, and dialogue.
  • Many businesses are responding positively to this trend, making internal adjustments to attract millennial workers, thereby helping them thrive in the workplace.

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