What you should expect from a Professional Staffing and Recruiting Sales Executive prior to your discovery appointment.

1. An Agenda

An agenda that includes intent and understanding of the topics to be covered. The agenda will be delivered electronically, at least two business days prior to the appointment and will include a request asking for your input, additions that you suggest, and confirms the date, time, parking and entry instructions if applicable.

2. Due Diligence

Expect to be in the company of someone who has done their homework. I will have researched your website, especially your Careers page and will have paid special attention to your company mission statement.

While that might appear unusual, professionals prefer aligning themselves with those of similar values. Expect to answer questions regarding open positions, time to fill rates, internal recruiting efforts and processes… all to eventually provide a creative problem-solving solution.

3. Pleasant Interaction

You should be at ease throughout the interaction and should never feel undue stress. I understand  and identify with the importance of patience and know that this is the beginning of a process. I have no intention of applying uncomfortable pressure, nor will I try to coax or mislead during the conversation.

4. Sincere Desire to Help

I am passionate about what I do but you might notice that I typically do more listening than speaking, especially during the Q & A portion of our interaction. I have a sincere desire to help but will want to hear the whole story, filled with as many facts and supporting data as possible, and I will not be quick to assure you or anyone else that the solution(s) are easy and/or immediate.

I take great pride in engulfing myself in the industries I/we serve and have been formerly recognized as a subject matter expert in the Recruiting Industry. That said, I fully understand the impact of Human Capital decisions and treat each opportunity with the fervor deserved.

5. Unselfish Interaction

I believe in and we act on a core principal of working in the clients best interest. I am interested in building and sustaining long term relationships.

6. Honest Communication

Lastly, and most importantly, I understand I have to earn your trust and that requires open, honest communication. I have an interactive, get to know you style, and believe our conversations should continue evolving, ending with mutually agreed on next steps for strategic consistency

In closing, if this is not what your sales experience looks or feels like, you are not alone and deserve better.

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